How To: Do simple ab workouts to get a ripped six pack

Do simple ab workouts to get a ripped six pack

CobraWorkout teaches you how to do simple ab workouts to get a ripped six pack. For the first exercise lay down on your back, heels on the floor, take a medicine ball between your hands. Then angle your body at 45 degrees from the ground and twist it to the left and to the back. Do this 15 times and go straight to the next exercise. This involves getting on the side and having your feet in the air, while moving your upper body up and down. Do 25 repetitions on each side. For the third exercise stand face up, back flat on the ground. Put your legs at a 90 degree angle and bring them towards the abdomen. The final exercise involves getting face down, elbows on the floor, back straight up, front of your feet on the ground. You want to hold this position for 30 to 60 seconds. Do these exercises and you will have a nice ripped six pack in no time.

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