How To: Jump higher and run faster doing plyometric exercises

Jump higher and run faster doing plyometric exercises

In this tutorial, we learn how to jump higher and run faster doing plyometric exercises. Start out with an alternating exercise that you will rotate through all of and get progressively stronger within 10 weeks. In week on, start out with 15 speed squats. Then you will have 30 seconds of recovery followed by 15 lunges with each leg for a total of 30 lunges. Take another 30 second break, then do 10 lateral cone hops, barely touching the ground. Another 30 second recovery after this, then do 10 alternating leg box jumps, 10 with each leg. After another 30 seconds of recovery, do 10 squat jumps going as low as you can in the squat. This will complete your first week for plyometrics to make you become a better athlete!

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