How To: Stretch your legs for high section kicks

Stretch your legs for high section kicks

In this video we learn to stretch our legs so we can perform our high section kicks easier. A good start is taking your leg and bending your knee so your foot is right behind your butt. Hold your foot there for about 30 seconds. Then, trying to keep your foot where it is, bring your leg out to the side. Hold this for 30 seconds. Next you can lift your leg and hold your knee to your chest and hold. Do these stretches on each leg for your upper leg. Now for your lower leg, keep your heels on the floor and stretch one leg out with your toes up. Hold this with the same side hand. Bend your knee on your other leg and hold your ankle but push your knee out with your elbow. This video shows a lot more stretches for the groin area, the toes and feet and shows a couple of warm up kicks. Do these stretches regularly to help prevent injury.

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