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How To: Do a 3 minute colon cleanse exercise

In this tutorial, we learn how to do exercises that help cleanse the colon. You will first need to start in a position where you are squatting with your hands on the ground in front of your feet. While you are in this position, you will want to sing your favorite mantra while breathing in and out and completely relax the body. Use your lower abdominals to deep breathe while releasing the breathe through your mouth. When finished, relax and sit back down into a butterfly position and deep brea...

How To: Do the splits if you're a boy

In this video from 01blackkat01 we learn how to do the splits if you are a boy. First you must stretch. First legs apart, lean to right and left and right and left. Now stretch with palms to the floor, move forward, spread legs more, walk hands behind legs. Hold it. Come back up. Straight leg stretch is next. This requires you holding onto your foot as you stretch it up towards the ceiling. Now give your legs a little shake. Open your legs, open arms wide and reach for your toes. Slowly push ...

How To: Do a cartwheel for beginners

In this how to video, you will learn how to do a cartwheel. It is recommended to be able to do hand stands before attempting this, as it will be easier. When you are coming down, you want your front foot to come straight down. The hand will be pointing the opposite way. The other hand will come around at shoulder width. The other foot should come around. The point is to have your body come completely over where your hands and feet are. Make sure you throw your body in the direction knowing yo...

How To: Do the six top stretching exercises

Dave demonstrates six key stretching exercises to help enhance your range of motion and prevent injury. Follow along in this how-to video to learn the top six stretching exercises. Watch this video workout and learn to do the lying leg crossover, hip flexor stretch, perfect periformis hip glute stretch, partner hamstring stretch, partner squad stretch, and the shoulder back lat pec stretch. This six stretches are to get your muscles relaxed and ready for you next workout.

How To: Do a basic back and triceps stretch to loosen tight muscles

This stretch is perfect for getting rid of your tight muscles in your back and triceps, and to do it, just raise you arms above your head, then put one hand in the small of your back, then pull your elbow with your free hand. Hold this stretch for a good thirty seconds, then switch sides. Personal trainer Milton Morehead, from Fit&FabLiving, shows you this easy body sculpting workout.

How To: Do exercises to increase vertical jump

If you are having trouble with your vertical jump, check out this tutorial. In this video are two exercises that will increase your vertical jump. We start off with Hand MB Depth Jump which when landing off of the box overloads your body eventually helping you to gain more power in your vertical jump. The second exercise is the Box Jump which is simple and will also increase your vertical jump. Remember to keep the rep range low so, you can give maximum effort with each jump.

How To: Improve posture by activating your upper back muscles

In this video, Ozzie Jacobs shows how to activate your upper back muscles in order to tone them effectively when at the gym. As Ozzie explains, this is often more difficult to achieve due to the tendency of your shoulders to slump forward due to the effect of gravity. In order to properly activate your upper back muscles at a machine like a rowing machine, Ozzie advises her viewers to make sure that their back muscles are tightened, focusing and consciously trying to pull your shoulder blades...

How To: Become more flexible with exercise

In this how to video, you will learn how to become more flexible. This refers to the range of motion you can attain around a joint. This can be useful for keeping your body fit and becoming a better lover. You will also be less prone to injury. You will also get slimmer. The best time to do this is after a workout. Hold each movement for ten to fifteen seconds. Although you may feel a pull in the muscle, do not stretch to the point of pain. Yoga and Pilates is another away to increase flexibi...

How To: Stretch the anterior deltoid

Increase the flexibility of your shoulders. Exercises and stretches for your workout routine in this fitness video. Take action: use stretching device, hold stretch for 15 to 30 seconds, then lean farther from hand to increase the stretch, and rotate shoulder to target deltoids. Tom Clifford, the instructor of this how-to video, has a degree in physical education, fitness and health from Eastern Michigan University, where he ran track and cross-country. Tom has worked as a personal trainer fo...

How To: Do leg stretches to increase your height

This video shows you how to get taller through stretching. This video shows you how you can grow taller by stretching your body daily. It also explains how stretching exercises help your body release high amounts of Human Growth Hormone which helps you grow taller. In this video you will learn what kind of daily exercise routine you will have to follow to achieve success. This is a good video for people that are looking for some ways to grow taller naturally without any medication.

How To: Perform warmup stretches for children's sports and activities

If your children are actively involved in things like gymnastics, cheerleading and dance, then they'll be dealing with a lot of rigorous movement, so stretching is key to prevent injuries. This video will show kids how they can do some great warmup stretches to increase flexibility for trampoline, gymnastics, dance, cheerleading, skating, ballet, tumbling and other children's sports.

How To: Become a contortionist

Professional gymnast Hayley Holmes demonstrates how to become a contortionist with several stretching exercises, handstands, splits and basic moves borrowed from yoga and ballet. She tells you how and why she became interested in contortion ism and suggests career options should you become interested as well. And best of all, she twists into some truly amazing positions right before your eyes.

How To: Do a total body stretching routine with a towel

In this tutorial, we learn how to do a total body stretching routine with just a towel. Start off by gripping the towel shoulder width apart and pull your arms apart while tensing your body and hold this for around 20-30 seconds, the try again. For the next exercise, bring the towel behind your head and face your hand behind you and pull the hand with your right and left while maintaining a 90 degree angle with the hand that's above you. The last exercise take the towel and stand on one leg. ...

How To: Do the splits to improve your kicks

This is the demo showing how to stretch your muscles for martial arts that will make our body so flexible. Most of the people having problem on posterior muscles of thighs when they try to kick their legs upwards. We can avoid these types of problems by stretching your muscles 15- 30 minutes a day. There are different types of stretching! The first thing you should practice is splitting your legs almost 180 degree on the ground! You have to stay in this position for five minutes. You should a...

How To: Perform the frontal splits in yoga

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to perform frontal splits in yoga. The frontal split is a stretch that targets the hamstring muscle. Begin by extending your right leg forward and flex the toes out in front of you on the mat. Very slowly and carefully, slide your right leg forward until you feel some resistance. Once you start to feel a stretch in your hamstring, you need to get your fingertips firmly planted into the floor or else on top of a block. This video will benefit those vie...

How To: Stretch your hamstrings to loosen tight leg muscles

If you're a runner, you know how important a hamstring stretch is, and you know how good it can feel after finishing it. But if you don't know the proper technique for performing a basic hamstring stretch, then check out this video to see it in action. Also, check out the other method to stretching your hamstrings. Personal trainer Milton Morehead, from Fit&FabLiving, shows you this easy body sculpting workout.

How To: Prevent injury with a kneeling quad stretch exercise

Learn how to perform a kneeling quad stretch exercise with this video tutorial. Whether you're looking to warm up, wind down or just increase your flexibility, a good stretch routine can go a long way. However, with stretching, as with any exercise, a basic mastery of proper technique is essential for both maximizing effectiveness and avoiding accidental injury. Happily, with free exercise videos like this one, learning the proper technique is easy. For more information, including step-by-ste...

How To: Stretch your legs for high section kicks

In this video we learn to stretch our legs so we can perform our high section kicks easier. A good start is taking your leg and bending your knee so your foot is right behind your butt. Hold your foot there for about 30 seconds. Then, trying to keep your foot where it is, bring your leg out to the side. Hold this for 30 seconds. Next you can lift your leg and hold your knee to your chest and hold. Do these stretches on each leg for your upper leg. Now for your lower leg, keep your heels on th...

How To: Ignore painful muscles and keep exercising

Sore muscles are no fun, but the only way to make it stop is to continue working out. The more you work your muscles, the stronger they will get and the less they will hurt when you use them. No matter how much it hurts you have to work through the pain. Check out this tutorial for info and advice on how to get past the aches and reach your maximum potential.

How To: Do walkover backbends for stretching

This video instructs on how to do a walkover back bend for stretching. A production brought to you by "Fit For A Feast". The instructors first tell you to lay on your back and turn your palms backwards to be placed on the ground afar from your head. The next step involved equal pressure being used on your legs and arms to create an inverse arch using your back. The stretch is then sustained and released multiple times to complete the task.

How To: Increase and improve speed, jump height, and agility

Dan Larsen from Elevate Polymeric shows us how to complete a polymeric drill. By practicing this drill frequently you can increase your ability to run faster, jump higher and improve your agility. Great for runners or any athlete! If you've never heard of polymeric exercises before they are exercises designed to produce fast and powerful movements. These fast and powerful movements can in turn improve the functions of your body's nervous system. After doing polymeric drills a few times you wi...

How To: Do the seal stretch

Back exercises can greatly increase the condition of your spine and posture. Learn how to do the seal stretch with this tutorial. The pelvic lift exercise is a great exercise for the back and buttock muscles. Watch this how to video and you will be able to perform the seal stretch.

How To: Do the angry cat stretch

Learn how you can do the angry cat stretch with this fitness tutorial. The angry cat stretch is great for stretching low back muscles. Watch this how to video and you can cool down after your workout with the angry cat stretch.

How To: Do Qi Gong stretches for energy

In this instructional video clip series, our expert in Chinese meditation and qi gong specialist will show you a wide variety of poses, breathing exercises and stretches designed to help you maintain good health and blood flow, keep peace of mind and reduce stress. Learn the history and philosophy behind qi gong and practice the moves with your video guide for ease and perfection. Maintain a relaxed and stress free day at work or at home by using these time-honored traditional breathing and s...

How To: Jump higher and run faster doing plyometric exercises

In this tutorial, we learn how to jump higher and run faster doing plyometric exercises. Start out with an alternating exercise that you will rotate through all of and get progressively stronger within 10 weeks. In week on, start out with 15 speed squats. Then you will have 30 seconds of recovery followed by 15 lunges with each leg for a total of 30 lunges. Take another 30 second break, then do 10 lateral cone hops, barely touching the ground. Another 30 second recovery after this, then do 10...

How To: Do a full body pre-workout stretch with Woman's Day Magazine

Learn some stretches from a fitness expert and Woman's Day Magazine. This video will show you the tip to doing a full body pre-workout stretch. Make sure you're standing relaxed with your feet planted firmly on the ground and your kneed bent slightly. Next, bring you hands about your head and hold. Lower your arms halfway. Then close your arms in front of you. Your stretching your whole upper body! Watch and learn the rest.

How To: Do the Grant Green exercise circuit

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to the "Grant Green" exercise circuit. This exercise circuit contains exercises. The exercises are: 10 raps of donkey kicks, 20 reps of scorpions, 20 reps of iron cross, 8 reps of both lateral leg lifts with toe out and in, 5 reps of Rockies, 5 reps of donkey whips, 10 reps of lower body crawl, 10 reps of Australian crawl, 20 reps of pedestal lateral leg lift, 20 reps of groiners, 10 reps of hurdle seat exchange, 50 reps of Russian hamstrings, 20 reps...

How To: Perform the five Tibetan Rites

The Five Tibetan Rites have been performed every morning by some sects of Tibetan monks for hundred of years. They require no equipment and develop strength all over you body as well as proper digestion. Do these exercises every morning and you are sure to see positive results.

How To: Stretch a stiff neck

Relieve the pain of a stiff neck and loosen up with these detailed and helpful activities. Learn how to have a better posture, and then some great and simple exercises that stop problems with a stiff neck. These exercises are well described and easy to follow, and are effective in reducing problems with a stiff neck. Not only do these tips help with a stiff neck, they also help with relaxing. The video also helps with when to do these exercises and how many to do, to feel the maximum benefit ...

How To: Do the hip and thigh stretch with a partner

The hip and thigh stretch works on the mobility of the hip joint. Learn how to do the hip and thigh stretch with a partner in this fitness tutorial. When performing this stretch with a partner you should bend leg up, put hands on shin & thigh, and press in, out. With this how to video you can perform the hip and thigh stretch with a partner more effectively.

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